The 65cm Round Coiled Straw Target and Wooden Target Stand is ideal for young archers!

65cm Round Coiled Straw Target

The straw target is made of rye straw, which is cleaned and then hand-sewn in the so-called snail. The accuracy and the appropriate combination of individual turns guarantee its functionality and high quality.

The straw blade, in contrast to the plastic composite discs, does not damage the shot, the arrows can be easily removed and without damage.

The raw material (straw) makes it environmentally friendly and eco-friendly even after consumption.

Product Features:

  • 65cm x 6cm
  • Made from quality rye straw
  • Lightweight
  • Designed for child and youth bows

Please be advised, this straw target is not for use with very strong bows, especially when using thin carbon arrows.

WARNING! Avoid keeping the target in damp places or expose the disc to direct contact with water such as rain, dew, snow, etc.

Wooden Target Stand

This wooden tripod target stand is specifically designed for use with targets from 60 cm up to 80 cm width.


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