The Acme 506 Predator Call is excellent at mimicking the distressed sounds that will attract a predator. With a little practice this call will both project the sound over a great distance, but can then be muffled to bring the predator in close.

This wooden Predator call has a trouble free metal reed which gives a high pitch that consequently travels over a great distance. Close in work the call in cupped hands to muffle the call and to get a dying rasp that entices foxes close in.

The tried and tested range of Acme Fox Calls has been popular for many a year and still a favourite with fox shooters and, unlike many other calls, they are made in the UK for Foxes and not in the USA for Coyotes!

Product Features:

  • Project sound over a great distance
  • Capable of muffled cries
  • Made using traditional British wood such as Oak and Elm


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