The Hunters Specialties Butt Hook Combo includes the Hunters Specialties Gut Hook and the patented Hunters Specialties Butt Out 2 field dressing tools! A great addition to your hunting gear!

Product Features:

  • Hunters Specialties Gut Hook
    • Colour: Orange
    • Rubber Finger Grips
    • Replaceable Blade
    • Carry Pouch
  • Hunters Specialties Butt Out 2
    • Colour: Orange
    • Perfect for deer and other big game
    • Easy to use
    • Make the field dressing process quicker, safer and easier

Hunters Specialties Gut Hook

The 5.7″ blaze orange Hunters Specialties Gut Hook has black rubber finger grips for total control when field dressing game. Its blade is easily replaceable, and it comes with a convent carry pouch.

Hunters Specialties Butt Out 2

With the Hunters Specialties Butt Out 2, you can quickly and easily disconnect the anal alimentary canal from deer and other game.

The Hunters Specialties Butt Out 2 is an extra 2″ longer than the original Butt Out Big Game Dressing Tool, making it easier to maintain a firm grip on the handle during field dressing chores.

The enhanced “Butt Stop” feature moulded into the handle makes it easier to keep the Butt Out inserted to the proper length when removing the animal’s alimentary canal.


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