The Napier Apex Auto Lift is the perfect way to handle larger deer species and wild boar. It is designed to complement and attach to the Napier Apex Auto Click, and the Napier Apex Tree Hugger.

Easily capable of lifting a 200Kg animal single handed, one person can maintain full control and safely perform a suspended gralloch. Until now the only option has been to process on the ground, which is not considered best practice, or to use conventional pulleys.

The 2.5 metre self-retracting lifter, can be attached to any fixed anchor, such as the Tree Hugger or Auto click, the unique 2 part gambrel is fitted and the animal is raised safely and quickly. Each ratchet movement lifts 3cm so it is fast and requires no tie off. You stop, it stops.

No tangled ropes, the whole kit auto retracts into a compact size together with the 2 part Apex Gambrel for easy storage and carrying.

The Napier Apex Auto Lift is supplied with a special gambrel, and will lift 200Kg. Using the large Grab Ring it is possible to control the descent when releasing, and deposit the animal directly into a vehicle, so much more convenient and hygienic than allowing it to touch the ground.

Product Features:

  • Ideal for lifting and suspending large animals
  • 1 Man operation up to 200kg
  • Ergonomic comfort handle
  • Complete with napier 2 part compact gambrel
  • Use with Napier Apex Tree Hugger
  • Makes grollaching and skinning easy and convenient
  • Ideal also as a larder lift
  • 2.5 meter belt
  • Weighs just 2.95lbs / 1.34kg


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