The Napier Apex Ready Sled has been designed to allow carcass extraction from those places where you simply cannot drive. Dragging a dead weight especially when alone is sometimes just an impossible task. Often a hunter takes a perfect shot only to realise that there is now a huge task ahead.

All hunters use a suitable vehicle, 4 x 4 Quad or an SUV, no one ever goes stalking by public transport. But even the best vehicles cannot always get in close enough every time. Dragging a carcass, by ropes etc. is not easy, if not processed the carcass is too heavy, and if gralloched, it will be contaminated quickly as it is dragged.

The Napier Apex Ready Sled is the Hygienic answer! It is compact and light to carry, with its shoulder strap. At just 2Kg, it stows easily in a car. Unlike conventional rigid devices, the Napier Apex Ready Sled wraps around the carcass, It will keep the animal clean and protected from soil. It is recommended that the animal is gralloched and preferably the head and legs removed as this greatly reduces weight, and makes transporting even easier.

The kit is supplied in a tough carry bag, with a 2,5 meter steel noose and 8 meter rope. Once the deer is placed on the sled, the steel noose is attached to the carcass. The cable passes through strong metal eyelets and the compression straps tightly envelope the animal.

This forms a boat shape sled that the drag rope is then attached via Caribiners to the steel noose. It can then be dragged to the vehicle. Because the rope is attached via the steel noose to the animal and NOT the bag, the strength is tremendous and very little strain is placed on the sled.

There are several ways in which the sled can be pulled – by either one or two people or even a winch. The ingenious carry bag is also a strong web belt that can be worn by a single hunter, allowing both hands free. The Sled itself is constructed from rip stop washable tarp fabric, and the skids are ultra slippery flexible EVA bonded to webbing, extremely durable and easy to drag.

The whole thing can be washed after use and when used as directed is capable of moving 150 Kg, over most terrains. This totally new concept has been designed by Napier of London and can carry any animal, from a Roe Deer to a large Fallow Deer, White Tail Deer or even a Wild Boar.

Product Features:

  • Strong  – Loads up to 150kg
  • Lightweight: Total carry weight just 2kg
  • Hygienic – Keeps carcass clean
  • Washable – Easy clean after every use
  • Easy Carry – Light & compact with detachable shoulder strap
  • Single or Two Person Drag – Can be used by one or two people for greater flexibility & control
  • Ultra Slip Skids – Flexible low friction skids glide over rough terrain
  • Easy Attach Noose – Steel cable noose, pulls on the carcass not the sled, for ultimate strength


  • Folding Sled
  • Waist Belt / Carry Bag
  • 2.5m Steel Noose
  • 8m Rope Lanyard & 2 Quick Release Carabiners
  • Detachable Shoulder Strap


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