Our S1 Recurve Wooden Take-Down Bow Kit is a great bow kit for all budding archers.  Take-down bows are the next step up from the leisure bows. The S1 is a good quality wooden take down bow which comes with 2 Arrows, Armguard, String, Sight, Arrow Rest, Bow Stringer in a soft black carry case.  It is available is Medium and Strong.

Kit contains:

  • Wooden Take-Down bow
  • String 68″
  • Bow stringer
  • 2 Wooden Arrows 30″
  • Basic sight
  • Armguard
  • Arrow rest
  • Soft carry case
  • Instruction booklet

Draw Weight:

  • Strong: 28lb – 34lb
  • Medium: 20lb – 25lb

RH Medium, LH Medium, RH Strong, LH Strong


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